AL LATHIF ISLAMIC INTERNTIONAL SCHOOL is an Islamic School which is enriched with an international curriculum. Al Lathif is organized by Noor Rakhmah Foundation led by K.H. Dahwanen, S.H., M.H. Mix curriculum that we use provides a distinctive characteristic in the life learning in Al-Lathif. Supported by a team of education, psychologists, teachers, and doctors who are professional and experienced in their field, Al Lathif grows and develops into a school which emphasizes on Islam, science, and technology.

K.H. Dahawanen, S.H, M.H.

Al Lathif provides a challenging, student-centered and balance learning environment. It aims to develop students’ potentials with a strong base of Islam which then allows them to compete in international world. Our school is the center of inquiry, creativity and fun learning with student who come from various background to study, dream and reach their dream together.

Our school provides learning tools including classrooms with the small class concept that gives opportunity to each student to get attention and help from the teachers to achieve their competence. With complete learning tools, students are able to explore and build their knowledge through the inquiry and invention process.


“And let those [executors and guardians] fear [injustice] as if they [themselves] had left weak offspring behind and feared for them. So let them fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice.” (Q.S. An Nisa’a:9)


To develop children’s intellegence toward the Qur’ani generation with high moral character and a global insight to fulfill their role as khalifaa in the world.


  • To provide qualified education programs that integrated with Islam, knowledge, and technology;
  • To establish a Hafidzh generation who is diligent in worship and has high moral character; and
  • To establish children with superior personality, dynamic, creativity and high competitiveness in the global development