Al Latif Islamic International School Program is adopting programs that implement international standards and the learning process can produce the best learning. In accordance with our vision is to develop children's intelligence to the generation of Qur'anic morality and global perspective to fulfill their role as a vicegerent on earth. Therefore we use the Cambridge Education Curriculum, Curriculum Tahfidz Qur'an and the National Curriculum.

Al Lathif school follow International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) / General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O Level) Cambridge University program. Al Lathif follow checkpoint examinations  (Cambridge) to grade VI and grade IX.

Prepare Tahfidz generations of the Qur'an by target of five chapters after graduation.

Al Lathif organizes National Curriculum-based learning in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 Year 2003 regarding the national education system.