Main Class

The main class is used as students administrative organization place and the non-lab learning activities. The number students per class is eight students.


Mosque at Al Lathif School
Masjid is the center of Islamic education, Qur'an recitation as well as the implementation of Shalah Dhuha, Dzuhur and Asr together.


Playground at Al Lathif Islamic School
Playground facilities both indoor and outdoor facilitate students to increase their physical activities, develop creativities, be independent and to socialize along peers.

Science Laboratory

Science studies the universe and its regularity as a parts of the verses of Allah SWT. Science learning activities in Al Lathif promote on observations and scientific inquires. Hence, we provide complete laboratory activities according to the needs of primary school curriculum.

Math Laboratory

Math learning activities will be more easily absorbed by the students when they are accompanied by the right media and props. In Al Lathif, those facilities can be found at Math Lab.

Language Laboratory

Language learning activities in Al Lathif is implemented in Language Lab. The lab allows the students to train their language and communication with teachers or native language speakers. Besides that, they are also able to communicate directly with the people who are abroad through the internet.

IT Laboratory

Art & Music Room

Astronomy Lab

Robotic Lab