AL-LATHIF ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL is a global perspective of Islamic schools organized by the Foundation Noor Rakhmah. Education in Al Latif based Islamic curriculum combined with an international curriculum. Al Latif provide challenging learning environment that is child-centered, balanced and aims to develop the full potential of children with a solid foundation of Islam and have extensive knowledge. Our school is the center of the formation of character, planting monotheism, creativity and joyful learning, with various backgrounds of students who come together – together to learn, to dream, and achieving goals – goals.

The pattern of education adapted to the growth and development of children aged 0-6 years. This age is the golden age for a child’s brain to develop. Rasulullah S.A.W. tells us to educate, love and care of children – children with a love that is not infinite. On this basis, the learning is done with fun, challenging and exciting by using means and media of learning that is relevant and safe for children.

We believe that the most effective learning for the child is learning while playing structured. This learning activity allows children – children naturally learn how they think, solve problems, and how to achieve a goal. In addition they will learn how to express ideas – ideas and their emotions, how to cooperate, collaborate, how to be a good friend, and respect each other. While having – glad they can develop a spirit of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills needed for their success. Not just in the next school level, but throughout their lives.

Smaller numbers of children who only a maximum of 10 people allowed each child to get attention and good guidance to develop the character and achieve their competence.


“And let the fear of Allah, people – people who leave behind their children – children who are weak (they worry about him). Therefore, let the fear of Allah and educating children – her upbringing true “(Q.S. An Nisaa: 9)


Develop children’s intelligence to the generation of Qur’anic morality and global perspective to fulfill their role as a vicegerent on earth.


  1. Providing basic – basic monotheism, worship ordinances, and akhlakul karimah.
  2. Preparing children – children with life skills and knowledge to face the challenges in the future.
  3. Forming a superior personality, dynamic, creative, and innovative.
  4. Making the school as friends comfortable, attractive, and fun