Main Class

The Main Class is used as a place of student administration organization and non-lab learning activities. The number of students per class is 8 people.

Mosque (Masjid)

The mosque as the center of Islamic education, the place of memorization of Al-Qur'an and the place of praying duha and praying in dhuhur and ashar worship.


Playing facilities both indoor and outdoor facilitate children to increase physical activity, creativity, independence, and socialize with peers.

Science Lab.

Science learning at Al Lathif puts forward on observation and scientific inquiry. Therefore, we provide complete laboratory facilities as per the requirement of elementary school curriculum.

Math Lab.

Math learning will be more easily absorbed by students when accompanied by appropriate media and props. At Al Lathif the facility can be found at the Lab. Mathematics.

Language Lab.

This lab allows students to train their language and communication with language teachers or native speakers. In addition, they can also communicate directly with people outside through the internet network

ICT Lab.

Music - Art Room

Robotic Lab.

Astronomy Lab.