AL LATHIF ISLAMIC SCHOOL (AIS) Bandung is an International Islamic School with a Cambridge curriculum that combines science, technology and Islam as well as Tahfidz program by prioritizing Islamic education in characterizing children. Al Lathif was organized by the Noor Rakhmah Foundation led by K.H. Dahawanen, S.H, M.H. Read More >>



AY. 2019-2020

What they Say

After I saw the development of my child while studying at AIS, I finally believed that AIS was the right school for my child. I left two children in AIS. Alhamdulillah, in AIS my child can learn various knowledge, languages and the Koran. What makes me proud, my child always prayed on time without having to be told. Alhamdulillah my first child, Salma (Std. 6) has memorized 5 juz and the second child, Qeenan (Std.4) has memorized 4 juz Alqur'an
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School Events

AIS always tries to balance learning in the classroom and outside the classroom. Diverse and targeted activities will enhance the experience, creativity and self-development of students.