The teacher and staff of Al Lathif Islamic School are committed and experienced teachers and professionals who do extra work for children. They have passed various stages of selection and training to ensure the education process in AIS works well.

Sri Tubilah N., S.Pd., M.Si


Mrs. Mary Kaouch Garna

Consultant of education, English teacher


Teacher of Kindergarten B

Miss. Firza

Teacher Kindergarten A

Miss. Rahma

Teacher Kindergarten A

Mrs. Hanna

Math Teacher

Miss Ulfa

Indonesian Language Teacher

Mrs. Nani

Arabic Teacher

Mr. Ramdhan

ICT Teacher

Mr. Okto

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Fauzia

Science Teacher

Miss. Inka

Islamic Teacher

Miss. Rahma

English Teacher

Mrs. Elok

Math Teacher

Mr. Amir Hamzah

Tahfidz Teacher

Mr. Susilo

Robotic Teacher

Mr. Ari

Music & Art Teacher

Mrs. Neng

Music & Art Teacher

Mr. Munazar

School Administrator

Mr. Ardi

School Security Officer