H. Dahawanen, S.H.,M.H.

Builder of Noor Rakhmah Al Lathif Foundation

AL LATHIF ISLAMIC SCHOOL (AIS) Bandung is an International Islamic School with a Cambridge curriculum that combines science, technology and Islam as well as Tahfidz program by prioritizing Islamic education in characterizing children. Al Lathif was organized by the Noor Rakhmah Foundation led by K.H. Dahawanen, S.H, M.H.

The blend of curriculum we use provides its own distinctive features in the life of learning at Al Lathif. Supported by education team, psychologist, teacher (ustadz), as well as doctors who are professional and experienced in their field. Al Lathif grew and developed into a school that promotes Science, Technology and Islam.

AL LATHIF ISLAMIC SCHOOL (AIS) provides a challenging, child-centered, balanced learning environment aimed at developing the full potential of children with a solid and competing Islamic foundation internationally. Our school is an independent, exciting center of investigation, creativity and learning with a variety of student backgrounds coming together to learn, dream and achieve its goals.


"And be fearful of God, those who leave behind those weak children (whom they fear against). Therefore, be cautious of Allah and to educate his children with proper upbringing "
(Q.S. An Nisaa: 9)

School Admission 2018 - 19


Developing Children's Intelligence toward a Qur'anic Generation “The Noble And Glorious Ones” to meet their role as caliph on earth.


  • Providing quality educational programs that integrate between science, technology and Islam;
  • Forming a generation of memorizing the Qur'an, diligent worship, and morals;
  • Form a superior personality, dynamic, creative, and highly competitive in global development.